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To make this course, our team visited leading experts at PakFab (Returnable Metal Packaging), Tree Brand Packaging (Expendable Packaging – Wood), and NTIC Excor Zerust (Comprehensive Corrosion Control), and IPS (Packaging Distributor).These in-depth lessons from our sponsors are part of a larger curriculum covering:

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Hazmat Packaging
Certificate Courses

This program offers a deep dive into HAZMAT training specifically for automotive applications. It allows you to comply with:

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Packaging 101 Bootcamp

This Boot Camp will serve as an introduction to the packaging industry and provide the fundamental knowledge necessary to get you up to speed. Packaging 101 BootCamp runs over 20 work days, with an investment of less than 20 minutes per day. With eight hours of educational content, activities, and cheat sheets, you’ll exit with a solid foundation in packaging basics. Departments such as marketing, sales, procurement, legal, distribution, quality control, manufacturing and warehousing all have unique demands on the packaging. After taking this course, you will have the thought process required of a successful stakeholder in the packaging development process.

Testing 101

The Packaging School in partnership with BMW and Clemson’s Distribution Testing Lab brings you this overview of the required ISTA, ASTM, and DIN ship-tests for BMW’s new protocol. Instructed by Dr. Gregory Batt, Director of the Sonoco Transport Package Testing Laboratory.

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